HR Strategy and Workforce Planning

Welcome to the company page outlining the services offered by Specialist Human Resources Ltd.  With previous experience of managing every aspect of business administration and management in fast moving, multi-skilled and unionised environments, we are able to provide a unique HR Business Partnership when assisting in the setting of HR strategy as a part of the overall business planning process.  Sitting in with the business planning team, we are able to ascertain the 'right' strategies, capabilities, structure and culture required to meet business objectives.  By highlighting the HR requirement against each individual goal set in the organisational strategy document, and in planning HR strategy as part of a cross-departmental process, there will be a more comprehensive picture of inter-departmental interactions, thereby making the HR strategy easier to manage, easier to review,  and easier to amend in the event of change.  The HR requirements can also be cross-referred to an Appendix outlining actions and timelines, in order to provide the HR Department with a diary of events that they will need to facilitate.

We are also experienced in supporting Business Scenario Planning in times of uncertainty, ambiguity and turbulence.

As a part of our workforce planning arsenal, we have a 'cunning plan' in carrying out both strategic HR and skills audits.  Our strategic HR audit includes an investigation to ascertain whether or not there is any redundancy in hours by looking at the hours available through the current workforce, and comparing these against the hours required to complete their tasks.  We then look at knowledge, skills and experience that may be available to the employer, that are not currently utilised, but that may be of use in the future.  Having already identified any redundancy in hours we can then look to see if those hours can be utilised to make use of the knowledge, skills and experience previously identified (should the need arise).  This could save on recruitment, ongoing salary and training costs and the loss of productivity whilst new employees settle-in, thereby adding a quantifiable value to the organisation.  However, this is an example of just one area where we excel in providing a quality service to the client.  Please see below for more information regarding our services.

In addition to providing services in HR Strategy and Value Management, Specialist Human Resources Ltd can also assist in the production of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy and provide subsequent Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training - the course having been designed and is delivered by a Legally Qualified Consultant.  We also manage internal Disciplinary, Capability, Grievance and Appeals procedures for our clients.

We ensure that the services that we provide remain compliant with the latest changes in employment legislation.       

Confidentiality is assured.  For public sector organisations:  The principal consultant has completed the Cabinet Office (National School of Government) assessments in Protecting Information at Levels 1 & 2.  The Company is also registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.

The Company holds professional indemnity insurance and adheres to the Professional Codes of Conduct issued by both the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Consulting.

George Kemish

Director & Principal Consultant

Services provided by Specialist Human Resources Ltd